Happy New Year!

Eeeey! "Awaiting Dawn, do they still live?"

Yes, we do! And from the rehearsal dungeons at Mighty Maik Metzler's home, we wish all of you a very happy 2019!

Our exile Benjamin was home during winter break, and so we could use that opportunity for a lenghty rehearsal / fooling about / testing InEar equipment / grilling and having beer. We'd like to share some snippets of our new song "Equilibrium" (work in progress). If you listen closely, maybe you'll also notice something else but the drums, haha!


2019 will bring some changes to Awaiting Dawn: After two years of exile in Florida, Benjamin is going to return permanently in May, with which we'd like to end our almost "hibernation", with a Kulturfabrik Airfield show at the good ol' M8 Live Club in Mainz on June 1. Yay!

The other major thing is our line-up: Peter has decided to retire from ProgMetal at some point. He will continue to play with us live until we found a successor. So, if you feel like joining us on keyboards or you know someone who would... please reach out ;-) Happy 2019!