- 12/15


"...impressive Full-Length-Debut. I honestly wish it will not vanish without a trace!...With this debut, the guys from Frankfurt are definitely able to compete with Poverty's No Crime or Vanden Plas." (Klaus Reckert)

Metal Divison Magazine - 8/10


"Leave No Trace" is the new album by the prog metalers AWAITING DAWN, and it's going to hit! "Leave No Trace" has impressive compositions which are driving, but don't lose their rock-like charm. The melodies, the hooklines - everything works absolutely naturally right away. The songs have a range from technically demanding and complex on the one hand, yet on the other hand fragile, organic and warm. From the hymnic and heavily grooving opener "Torn" over the epic wall-of-a-sound "Breakout" and "Get Immune" to "My Deepest Affliction", there is not one weak track on "Leave No Trace." Above all, the outstanding ballad "A Life Lost" is capable of touching even the coldest heart. "Leave No Trace" is a successful record that Progmetal Fans must not pass by without giving it a listen. Finally, the terrific voice of frontman Benjamin Reiter is floating above everything and gives the album its characteristic sound. Everybody, who has only the slightest affinity for prog, should get the album without hesitating. Everything fits here, the band is presenting itself from its best side." 

(Thomas Müller) - 11/15


"„Leave No Trace“ has everything that is characteristic of progressive metal, without constantly imitating the big bands of the genre.[...] All in all, Awaiting Dawn are closer to organic working bands like Voyager or Ethereal Architect than to the dry and technical bands of the prog scene."

(Michael Klein) - 11/15


"The quintet offers with the dramatic "… And Heaven Full Of Clouds", that features an authentic church organ and already several catchy hooks, at least one high point that the prog scene should not miss. After all, AWAITING DAWN don't play anything surprising, but clear melodically contoured Prog Metal in the old style. Beautiful and rare these days, and therewith definitely relevant, not only for nostalgics."

(Andreas Schiffmann)

Babyblaue Seiten - 10/15


"The record is balancing between the genre of sophisticated 70's hard rock and intelligent-complex songwriting in Prog Metal style. Sounds awesome, is long-living, and since the songs all have a duration between 6 and 9 minutes, the band has enough space for extensive riffing. This is not always successful - sometimes, less would have been more. However, those who like heavier stuff with catchy riffs might have a different point of view."

(Marc Colling)