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Gerald Kellermann




Benjamin Reiter

Vocals, Guitar, Main composer


Maik Seckler

Bass, Lyrics, Background-Vocals, Composing


Fabian Steeg

Vocals, Guitar


Sometimes very heavy and powerful, sometimes rather calm, thoughtful and dreamy - always innovative and full of emotions, honesty and affecting melancholy: This is the music of Awaiting Dawn. In times of extreme mass suitability, reduction, hedonism, brevity and lack of variations, Awaiting Dawn  emphasize what has been the ideals of good rock music for a long time: hand-made, emotional, technically adept, colorful, with a lot of facets and contrasts. In a balancing act between progressive metal, alternative and prog rock, Awaiting Dawn demonstrate the values of intelligent and varied songs in an organic way, without getting lost in technical "show-off" parts. 


With their 2017 debut album Leave No Trace, the quintet from the rhine-main-area looks back on a decade of common growth and development of their individual style that is characterized by alternating meters and rhythms, big dynamic contrasts, a trace of nostalgia and influences from classical music and jazz. 

Past Members

Felix Benz




Appears on:

"Leave No Trace" (2017)

Changing Days"


"The Prisoner"


Wolfgang Schneider

Guitar, Background-Vocals



Appears on:

"Leave No Trace" (2017)

Matthias Platz

Guitar, Songwriting, Background-Vocals



Appears on:

"Leave No Trace" (2017, Gast)

"Changing Days"  (2009)



Christoph Krämer

Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards, Songwriting



Appears on:

"The Prisoner" (2007)